Income Certificate – Application Procedure

Income Certificate is a document issued by the Village Administrative Officer that would have to be produced before the State Government for availing various subsidies and scheme like eScholarship. In the case of income certificate must be produced before the Central Government Departments the concerned Tahsildar will be the authority to issue the Income Certificate. Some of the common reasons for obtaining Income Certificate are:

  • For availing fee concession in Education Institution.
  • For securing seats in the quota reserved in professional colleges of the Socially and Economically Backward classes.
  • For obtaining loans from Government Departments, Kerala Financial Corporation etc. for various purposes.
  • For getting different kinds of pension such as Old Age Pension, Widow Pension, Agricultural Labourers Pension, Pension for T.B Patients, Leprosy Patients, Cancer Patients etc.
  • For getting financial aid available to the Ex-Servicemen.
  • For getting the loan available to the SC/ST for different purposes.
  • For getting the relief given to the victims of natural calamities.
  • For getting the artificial limb, cycle, etc., supplied to the physically handicapped persons.
  • For getting free ration etc.

Calculating Income

While providing income certificate, the income of the family would be assessed. Family would consists of the applicant, his/her parents, unmarried brothers and sisters/ dependant unmarried sons and daughters living together in the same house and widowed daughters actually dependant on the family.

Income would mean the regular income actually earned by the family members. Income of unmarried daughters and unmarried brothers and sisters can be reckoned for calculating family income. Income of the members of the family living together alone must also be reckoned. However, the following incomes will not be included:

  1. Income of widows daughter/ sister.
  2. Terminal benefits.
  3. Surrender leave salary.
  4. Festival allowance.
  5. Family pension.

Income from Salary

Salary income excluding H.R.A., Special pay, Deputation Pay/Allowances etc., will be reckoned for calculating total income. T.A., P.T.A., honorarium for special work etc. will be excluded for calculating salary income. D.A will be included for calculating total income.

Income from Pension

The amount excluding the amount of commutation will be taken into account for the purpose of Income Certificate. The pension will be assessed on the basis of the Pension Payment Order.

Income from Business

This can be assessed on the basis of income tax return filed. In the cases of non-assesses the Income Certificate will be issued on the basis of declaration filed by the persons concerned. In the case of non-assesses Income Certificate will be issued on the basis of the declaration filed by the applicant.

Income from Property

The income from property will include the income from produce viz. coconut etc., value of improvements on landed property will be calculated on the basis of the principles adopted for the purpose of land acquisition.

Income from Rented Buildings

Income on this account will be calculated deducting the annual maintenance charges.

Income Certificate Application

To obtain Income Certificate in Tamil Nadu, complete the following application and attach the following documents:

  • Attested copy of Ration Card of the applicant
  • Residence proof (ration card / passport / bank passbook)
  • Age proof (birth certificate / school certificate)
  • Income details (affidavit from notary / salary slip / Monthly Salary Certificate)

The completed application and documents must be submitted at the concerned Taluka office or VAO with a fee of Rs.50 for issue of Income Certificate.

On issuance, an income certificate would be valid for the purposes for which it was issued for a period of two years or for the term of the course. However, if the certificate was obtained fraudulently, that is by willfully suppressing the actual income or willfully giving false income, the income certificate would be cancelled.